13 Sliding doors to restrict the unpleasant odour from the kitchen


Open plan kitchens are getting increasingly common with a large number of users now preferring them over the conventional closed kitchens. One of the advantage that these kitchens bring to the table is that they give an experience of a larger than actual space, such a layout is also better from the point of ventilation and allowing natural light into the house.

However, one disadvantage of a kitchen without a proper enclosure is that they can emit unpleasant odour after cooking or allow a full view of the mess that is typical after a cooking session. This is exactly where sliding doors come into picture. Sliding doors when in the open position give the same feel as a partition-less kitchen but allow the users the flexibility to cordorn off the kitchen whenever the users desire.

With a lot of new products hitting the market everyday, you have a range of sliding doors type to choose from. If you wish to see some practical examples of how it can be done, we recommend you read on further…


13. Classy and elegant

The shutters in this case are clean with thin white colored metal rims such that they fit in perfectly in the context.